CYRIAS, your partner in digitization

Creation of CYRIAS, opening of the Paris and Nantes offices
1st contract with a client outside France
Almost 4M€ of turnover, more than 30 employees and opening of the Bordeaux office
Our ambitions: CYRIAS expanding worldwide and 50 employees

Created in 2018,

Our ambition was to support companies in their digital transformation journey by drawing on innovative solutions and alongside a high-performing team.

Specialized in consulting, integration and configuration, CYRIAS experts works with clients of all sizes, in France and internationally, and lead a portfolio of several dozen projects.

CYRIAS’ strength lies in a combination of its technical and business expertise, which it mobilises to help its clients to harness the full potential of their procurement management tool.

One partner for the entire project

At CYRIAS, we are experts in the integration and implementation of Cloud Solutions, in particular as part of Procurement and Financial information systems, and we aim to offer long-term innovative solutions to improve our clients’ economic performance.

Building the project

  1. Project scoping
  2. Change management
  3. Design and configuration
  4. Integration with third-party systems
  5. Legacy data collection
  6. Administrator training
  7. Go-live preparation

Project implementation

  1. Implementing changes
  2. Setting up new modules
  3. Support during the Upgrade
  4. Training users

Business expertise

We include a business-orientated dimension within each one of our projects in order to consult and provide guidance to our clients regarding best practices to adopt to facilitate the implementation of the platform and its adoption by users. By working with CYRIAS, you can rest assured that your project will meet the business needs expressed by your users, in line with your organisation's strategic objectives.

Technical Expertise

Mobilizing our expertise provide peace of mind, from the simplest to the most complex, will be adapted onto your procurement software, while harnessing all the possibilities offered by the software standard. It also puts resources at your disposal that will ensure that decisions taken during the project do not have an adverse effect on the platform's performance or stability.

Our values

L’Humain au centre de tout

A human-centred approach

Here at CYRIAS, the well-being and work-life balance of our team is of the utmost importance to us, and we consistently involve our teams in building working practices that make sure all of our employees thrive, in a cooperative and respectful atmosphere.

L’excellence au service de nos clients et partenaires

Putting excellence to work to serve our clients and partners

The search of excellence is a central value at CYRIAS. This is demonstrated by our constant commitment to providing the best possible service, to endlessly seeking to better ourselves, to having a complete grasp of the details, and to demanding the best of ourselves to support our clients.

L’équité au coeur des préoccupations

Equity at the heart of our concerns

At CYRIAS, each individual’s potential is the key to the group’s success! We believe in our team’s collective power and offer each employee the same opportunity to succeed. Our decisions are adapted and inclusive, and we help every individual to shape their own well-being within the company.

Your projects are in safe hands.


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