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The current technological landscape is complex and undergoing constant change. Keeping track of the latest offers from software vendors can be a full-time job. That’s where CYRIAS comes in. Our teams understand the complexities of Source-to-Contract and Purchase-to-Pay technologies and draw upon their experience to help our clients to learn how this technology can create long-term measurable value for their organisations.

Consultancy and business support

At CYRIAS, our teams are made up of experienced professionals with in-depth knowledge of relevant Business and Technical fields, with some team members providing specific sector-related expertise.

Our teams support Business departments to make plans prior to implementing an information system. As part of this, our skills ensure we can help our clients in:

  • Aligning and optimising their business processes
  • Auditing and analysing information systems
  • Defining of the information systems architecture diagram
  • Building a module implementation roadmap

Change management

Change management is a key factor behind the success of your project, as it will ensure that the platform is adopted by future users.

Our recommendation is to add this consideration to the project at a very early stage, so you can properly identify the groups of users that will be impacted by the future tool and to build a suitable training tool as early as possible.

To minimise the risk that the future platform is rejected by users, our experienced teams support every client to build the right setup:

  • By helping them to define the objectives to achieve
  • By identifying the groups of users that will be impacted by the change
  • By developing a change management plan
  • By executing the plan and measuring its effectiveness

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