Implementation of Information Systems

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At CYRIAS, our experts are able to support your integration projects through all phases. From organising design workshops to preparing for the Go-Live, CYRIAS consultants have the experience required to ensure the success of your project.

Our methodology

Our deployment methodology combines the best of Agile and V-cycle methodologies in order to ensure that business requirements are correctly considered while respecting the budget and schedule.

  • Design workshop: organisation of workshops to suit your functional and technical requirements.
  • Set-up and integration: continuous configuration of the platform based on rules that are approved during the workshops and connecting the platform with the IT ecosystem that is already set up (ERP, accounting software etc.).
  • Support during the acceptance testing phase: support in drafting test cases/scenarios and correcting anomalies.
  • Training users: tailor-made building of a training plan for users and administrator of the platform.
  • Implementation: preparing for the Go-Live in partnership with the client’s teams and the software vendors.

Our strengths

  • Extensive knowledge of all the modules that make up the Procurement IS (SLM, SRM, P2P, etc.).
  • Advanced knowledge of interfaces and connectivity topics between platforms.
  • Constant attention to the management and steering of the project by integrating: risk management, budget, planning, etc.
  • Change management considered from a very early point in the project in order to assess the impact on the platform’s users.
  • Close relationship between CYRIAS and software vendors to ensure the project’s schedule is met.
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