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Initially scheduled for 2024, electronic invoicing has been postponed to 2026, based on a new provisional timetable proposed by the government.


Electronic invoicing will gradually become mandatory for all French companies subject to VAT. Each company will then have to equip itself with a dematerialization solution (private or public) guaranteeing receipt of electronic invoices. 


How can Cyrias teams help you meet these new requirements? What will change for you in concrete terms? Here’s a look at the key steps involved in complying with the regulations.

General context

The arrival of electronic invoicing in France is part of Ordinance no. 2021-1190 of September 15, 2021, which aims to strengthen the State’s control over intra-group transactions and, ultimately, steer the country’s economic activity more simply.

As a result, all companies will be obliged to issue and receive invoices in dematerialized form, and will have to equip themselves with a platform to facilitate data processing by the French administration.

Structures will be free to choose the dematerialization platform of their choice, either the Public Billing Portal (PPF), or one of the Partner Dematerialization Platforms (PDP) currently being registered, which will offer a wider range of functions.


Implementation schedule

As of September 2023, the government has decided to reopen the pilot phase registration procedure for companies and PDPs.

The new timetable proposed by the government takes place in 3 steps, starting in 2024:


  • 2024: PDP registration and finalization of PPF design. 
  • 2025: pilot phase of the platform to test the system under real conditions, without any legal impact.
  • September 1, 2026: mandatory invoicing for large companies and ETIs.
  • Septembre 1, 2027: mandatory invoicing for all other companies.

Cyrias’ support

Cyrias, a consulting and SaaS solutions integration firm, has been supporting its French and international customers in the scoping, implementation and deployment of their Purchasing – Finance – Supply Chain information systems since 2018.

Experts in the Ivalua solution, our consultants provide their customers with dual business and technical expertise when implementing the platform’s PDP module.

Our consultants are 100% Ivalua certified, and are able to provide project scoping services as well as technical expertise on the Ivalua PDP (workflow adjustment, specification definition, reporting, etc.).

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