Improved reliability and automation of supplier listing and compliance processes

Customer description

Operating in over 20 countries and employing more than 16,000 employees, Vallourec provides benchmark tubular solutions for the energy sectors and for some of the most demanding industrial applications. Equipped with the Ivalua solution since 2013, the multinational decided in 2021 to implement a complementary brick to its Information System.

  • 7,000 panel supplier files completed (worldwide)

  • 4 data providers connected and processed by e-Attestations

  • Up to 25 documents collected thanks to differentiated paths on the following themes: compliance, bank details, anti-corruption, CSR and QHSE

Customer challenges

The collaboration between Vallourec and e-Attestations began in 2021. Vallourec’s business objectives for this
partnership were twofold:

• set up a tool enabling them to meet their vigilance obligations in France
• make bank data more reliable and secure the loading of supplier documents

In 2022, the Group decided to reinforce its level of international compliance and automate its supplier listing by
implementing a classification of common compliance and CSR rules. To date, the panel database includes 7,000

The mechanism configured by Cyrias in the e-Attestations connector is based on the principle of digitizing
compliance processes and simplifying/securing supplier onboarding. The connector brings together the expertise
of 4 players: Sis ID (banking verification), Altares (company data), IndueD (ethics) and suppliers (e-Attestations). The
data imported into e-Attestations is then analyzed according to Vallourec’s own business rules, in order to restore the
elements in the Ivalua platform in the relevant tabs (supplier, accounting data, contacts and documents). Analyses
enable users to manage their supplier panel in real time, according to different levels of risk.

Process the various compliance challenges

leaving the user in his environment, i.e. Ivalua

Monitor supplier classification

to obtain supplier performance data.

Reliable banking data

by automating their collection via the e-Attestations connector.

Answers provided by Cyrias

  • Design and co-build of the connector on the standard Ivalua model with Vallourec and e-Attestations, based on the customer’s business and regulatory constraints
  • Enhancement of e-Attestation API libraries to facilitate integration into the Ivalua solution
  • Integration of external data retrieval functions, with a single connector
  • Securing the compliance process

Gains obtained

  • Improved performance management thanks to regular supplier file updates

  • Optimizing data quality

  • Time-saving document management

Project Manager and Digitalization Expert

We worked hand in hand with the Cyrias teams on the e-Attestations connector integration project. The success of this joint project is the fruit of a collaboration in which everyone pulled out all the stops to achieve success.

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