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In a world where digitalization of processes has become the norm, making supplier listing and compliance processes more reliable and automated is a crucial issue for many companies seeking to maintain their competitiveness, while meeting strict compliance standards.

The e-Attestations connector

In this quest for efficiency and security, Cyrias offers an innovative mechanism in the form of the e-Attestations connector, which interfaces directly with the Ivalua platform. This mechanism is based on the principle of complete digitization of supplier data conformity control processes during onboarding, both in France and internationally.

The e-Attestations connector combines the expertise of four key players: e-Attestations for managing contacts and legal documents, Altares for identity and financial data, IndueD for ethical assessment, and Sis ID for bank verification. This collaboration makes it possible to import essential data into the Ivalua platform, which is then analyzed according to company-specific business rules.

Once the data has been imported and analyzed, it is integrated into the Ivalua platform, where it is carefully organized in the appropriate tabs, such as supplier, accounting data, contacts and documents. This seamless integration guarantees maximum traceability and accessibility of information for authorized users.

The benefits

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One of the main advantages of this approach is that users can manage their supplier panel in real time, according to different levels of risk. Analyses are carried out continuously, enabling proactive decision-making in supplier management.

The collaboration between Cyrias and e-Attestations not only aims to optimize operational efficiency, but also reinforces corporate security and compliance in a constantly evolving commercial and legal environment.

Cyrias support

Cyrias, a consulting and SaaS solutions integration firm, has been supporting its French and international customers in the scoping, implementation and deployment of their Purchasing – Finance – Supply Chain information systems since 2018.

Experts in the Ivalua solution, our 100% Ivalua-certified consultants provide their customers with dual business and technical expertise.

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