What are the prerequisites for implementing the Ivalua S2C plateform in 3 months? The HDF Energy case

Customer description

HDF Energy is a leading global player in the hydrogen sector, developing large-scale hydrogen infrastructures and high-power fuel cell industrialization. At the forefront of the global energy revolution, HDF Energy decides to anticipate its future growth and makes the strategic decision to structure its Procurement and Supply processes by adopting the Ivalua solution to ensure operational efficiency.

  • +500 suppliers in production

  • 49 users

  • Project completed in 3 months

Customer challenges

As a pioneer in hydrogen-electricity, HDF Energy’s main challenges involve the development of its hydrogen power plant projects and the launch of a fuel cell production plant in 2024. This entails managing an increasing number of projects and suppliers. HDF Energy sought to anticipate these challenges in order to be better prepare while remaining agile and innovative. The international dimension of HDF Energy purchasing and the planned implementation of the Ivalua solution on a worldwide scale were also aspects that needed to be taken into account.

The main constraint of this project was the challenging implementation schedule, which had to be considered alongside other organizational initiatives. HDF Energy, Cyrias, and KaOra Partners teams had to work with this constraint and implement the Ivalua solution in just 3 months. To achieve this goal, it was mandatory to adopt the standard tool and the best practices delivered in the Ivalua platform.

The project’s objectives were to:

Enhance supplier relationship management and governance

List supplier contracts and enable electronic signature

Formalising tender grids

Answers provided

  • Activation of the Ivalua standard and its best practices.
  • Setting up a project governance enabling rapid decision-making on project directions.
  • Activation of the following modules: Supplier Risk & Performance, Sourcing, Contract Management.
  • Change management conducted by the KaOra Partners teams to ensure platform adoption by users and suppliers.
  • Starting the project without an ERP connection and the implementation of an interface at a later stage.
  • Client’s decision to adopt Ivalua’s best practices and leverage the experiences of both Cyrias and KaOra Partners.

Maud Van Phat
HDF Energy
Projects Director

As we take a new step in HDF group’s development, the formation of a single team (HDF, Cyrias, and Kaora Partners) has been the key success factor in implementing Ivalua in 3 months.

prerequisites for a 3-month S2C project

Setting up a Source-to-Contract process can be a complex project involving multiple stages. Here is a summary of the key prerequisites for implementing successfully an S2C in 3-months :

  • Prioritize objectives and scope users requirements with the assistance of a project owner (KaOra Partners).

  • Make sure the right stakeholders are mobilize on project keys milestone: Design and Testing.

  • Adopt the best practices proposed by the software (and don’t try to impose your own processes).

  • Make sure that the master data are clean before being uploaded into the platform.

  • Have a clear vision of the data flow diagram between the different solutions to ensure that the data is not created in several different systems.

  • Secure close collaboration between all the stakeholders involved in the project: software vendor, customer, implementation partner and consulting firm.

  • Make sure that the project has a high level of internal sponsorship so that any points requiring arbitration can be addressed quickly.

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