Upgrade support engagement: facilitation of the upgrade preparation and change management phases

Customer description

ESSEC, a leading French business school, implemented the Ivalua solution in 2013 in order to improve control over the processing of its obligations on its 2 French campuses. In 2020, the school decided to rely on the business know-how of the CYRIAS teams to assist users in the implementation of the platform following its upgrade.

  • 8000+ suppliers

  • 1300+ users across two campuses

  • 58k+ orders placed in the platform

  • 34k+ expense reports processed

  • 500+ supplier contracts

Customer challenges

After nine years of use, ESSEC has proceeded to a major upgrade of its platform and requested CYRIAS to support them in the activities required for this upgrade. The CYRIAS teams’ mission was to facilitate the acceptance and understanding of the changes brought by the new version to the end users. The teams then set up a change management plan to ensure that:

User acceptance

Designing a change management plan to ensure user buy-in.

Facilitate the transition

Identify as early as possible the gaps between the old and the new version in order to target the change management.

Train users

Train and draft the documentation describing the new business processes in the new version.

Réponses apportées

  • Anticipation of risks with a preparation phase: analysis of business processes and search for the best possible actions to implement.

  • Diagnosis and in-depth impact analysis to identify the consequences of the change on the team and attempt to limit the effects.

  • Internal communication to prepare all users for the transformation.

  • Implementation of internal training to develop the skills needed by users to use the to use the tool.

  • Setting up workshops with all the key users to highlight the difficulties and to suggest ways to improve.


  • Rapid appropriation of new processes.

  • Improved control of the system thanks to a more + recent, high-performance version.

  • Maintain the dynamic work of the teams thanks to a rapid and seamless transition.

  • Identification of additional improvements to be implemented at the end of the upgrade by the CYRIAS teams.

NIO Yohan
ESSEC Business School

Accounting Manager

A challenging project, achieved by an enthusiastic and efficient team , a good communication, and training courses to support the users.

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