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From the use of specific configurations to the adoption of a Core Model, the two-stage deployment of a decentralized organization

Customer description

Founded in 1986, Ubisoft is a world pioneer in the video game industry, based in 30 countries and with over 21,000 employees across 5 continents. In 2018, Ubisoft chose the Ivalua platform to control its expenses and entrusted the implementation to CYRIAS in 2021 to prepare its international rollout.

  • 8,500 orders created in 2022

  • 6000 users

  • Project deployed in 3 countries (France, Canada, Germany)

 Customer challenges

Ubisoft, whose organization is highly decentralized, carried out an initial go-live of the Ivalua platform at the end of 2020 on a restricted scope of entities. Thanks to the flexibility of the Ivalua platform and the fact that it takes into account the specificities of the business departments, this first roll-out was a success in terms of adoption.

Ubisoft then called on the expertise of CYRIAS to industrialize the implementation of the Ivalua platform on an international scale on a more standardized basis. The assignments entrusted to CYRIAS were to :

Consolidate a Core Model that can be implemented in all countries: standardize the different business rules, define a single interface format that can be used by all the countries to be implemented.
Simplify the configurations carried out during the first production rollout in order to improve the user experience, facilitate internal acceptance by a wider group of users and anticipate change management activities.
Ensure that the new configurations will not affect the performance of the platform.

The objectives related to the implementation of the Ivalua platform were to:

Ensure compliance with purchasing procedures

with automatic monitoring of the group’s compliance rules in the various stages of the purchasing process.

Decrease time spent on low value activities

by purchasing teams through the automation of purchasing processes and an improved user experience.

Increase interconnectivity

between internal and external solutions through comprehensive integration of systems.

Answers provided

  • Support in building a Core Model ready for implementation across all studios (Canada, France, Germany).
  • Usage of an agile methodology allowing for the delivery of new features every 6 weeks.
  • Facilitation of workshops and configuration by CYRIAS teams on the following modules: Price List and Catalog Management, Purchase Order, Order and Invoice.
  • Interfacing the Ivalua Platform with various systems already implemented: PeopleSoft, Data Lake, tender management tools, etc.
  • Conducting the test phase with the IT team to ensure that the configurations comply with the expectations formulated during the workshops.
  • Automated control of figures when reconciling orders, receipts and invoices in order to speed up invoice processing.
  • Automatic approval of the invoice following approval of the receipt by the requesters to reduce off-tool interactions between accounting and requesters.
  • Validation directly via an email that contains all the information required for decision making through the configuration of notifications.


  • Increase in the volume of purchases processed in Ivalua.

  • Time saved in the order management cycle.

  • Optimization of the connectivity between Ivalua and Peoplesoft.

  • Better understanding of the expenses generated.

  • Simplification of the platform to facilitate its implementation and adoption in the studios.

IT Manager – Procurement

Cyrias helped us to refocus on the core model by simplifying and automating the business process, which resulted in a more stable and efficient platform. The team involved in the project was agile and reliable throughout the project. Their strong knowledge of the platform and of the purchasing processes have helped us to better understand the challenges faced by the business and to increase user adherence to Ivalua.

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